Our focus is on the development of processes to improve crystalline silicon solar cells.
Our main project currently is LECO: Laser Enhanced Contact Optimization.
LECO is a downstream process that improves metal-semiconductor contacts.

LECO improves existing cell concepts (Al-BSF, PERC, Selective Emitter)
– Allows larger process windows for firing temperature
– Allows proper contact on Ultra-Low-Doped emitters
– Allows higher VOC of solar cells

LECO is the key for new cell concepts (passivated contacts, n-type)
– Allows contacting thinner semiconductor layers
– Allows usage of less aggressive paste
Low resistive contact achievable while not damaging the passivation 

LECO might open up new ideas for future cell concepts


LECO is a robust process that increases the yield of the production by mitigating variations of preceding manufacturing steps.

LECO enables higher cell efficiency at manageable cost and effort.

The LECO effectiveness was independently proven by 2 of the leading European PV Institutes and is supported by large partners within the supply chain of PV cell production of materials and equipment.